Transforming Tales   From Saturday 27 July 2019 -  10:00
To Sunday 28 July 2019 - 16:30

Transforming Tales

Ellesmere Centre , Hull

Being human inevitably means times of having some too difficult, too intense feelings. Sometimes it feels impossible to explore them close up. We need some distance. Since time began we have used stories as a way of understanding our world, as a way of testing out possibilities for ourselves and our relationships with others.

We can be imaginative and creative with stories in a way that would not feel responsible in the real world.

As therapists we find ourselves touched in many ways by myth, magic and metaphor. They make audible that which might be too terrible, implausible or unutterable. Using psychodrama and creative action methods we will explore ways of bringing our stories alive and experience their healing power.    

This workshop will be of interest to individuals and professionals who want to get in touch with their creativity and spontaneity as a means of reinvigorating their lives and working practice. It will be largely experiential, drawing person-centred and psychodrama theory out of practice.


There will be opportunities for reflection and practitioner development, with some theoretical input and some handouts.


Trainers: Sandra Grieve, Lynette Green

CPD 14 hours

Fee: £169 (£149 Earlybird / BPA Student Member)


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