Working Creatively with Trauma   From Saturday 14 November 2015 -  09:30
To Sunday 15 November 2015 - 16:00

Working Creatively with Trauma

Moreno is credited as saying "the body remembers what the mind forgets" which offers a signpost to the importance of working holistically and creatively with people who have experienced trauma. The emotional, psychological and somatic consequences of trauma have led survivors, practitioners and researchers to consider the many ways in which people respond to trauma: including in relation to options for work that supports people to explore their experiences and responses in fluid rather than fixed ways. Creating ways to work safely with trauma provides a foundation for empowerment and opportunities to (re) connect with self and others as people recognise their strengths and access opportunities to explore the past in ways that don't undermine them in the present. This workshop will offer participants opportunities to think together about working with trauma as we explore models and methods from the creative therapies that offer multiple opportunities to respond to people in diverse ways: honouring who they are and who they may want to become.  

This workshop is facilitated by Sandra Grieve and Annie Huntington.  It consists of 15 hours training.

Cost £169 or £149 early bird discount if paid three months in advance or BPA member.  There is a non- refundable deposit of £50 applicable.  Some bursaries are available.

Location In The Moment Centre
72 Berkeley Street
G3 7DS

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