Everyday Courage - Living Courageously without being a Hero   From Saturday 12 March 2016 -  09:30
To Sunday 13 March 2016 - 16:00

Everyday Courage – Living Courageously without being a Hero.

“The world in which we live is crowded, so crowded that we can become lost in the experience of making our own way through. This can manifest itself in feeling powerless to protect ourselves from the pushing and shoving of others, relying on them for direction and meaning, being swamped and 'petrified' by fear and doubt and generally getting swept along above the ground never really knowing what it feels like to be connected to the earth beneath, to have a strong sense of our own being and to feel truly alive.”  Marc Medina

In this workshop we will explore ways of harnessing our own life source as a way of living more courageously, compassionately and creatively.  We will find the courage to be present and the courage to be authentic and the courage to dream again. To find that solid place to stand that enables us to sway with the rhythms of the wind.

This workshop is facilitated by Lynette Green and Sandra Grieve and consists of 15 hours training.

Cost £169 or £149 early bird discount if paid three months in advance or BPA member.  There is a non- refundable deposit of £50 applicable.  Some bursaries are available.

Location The Priory Street Centre (Copy)
15 Priory Street